SuperBase Pro 2000

The Fastest Recharging IoT Power Station

Super Portable

80% Charge in Just One Hour

With a telescopic handle as well as a fixed handle, plus the built-in industrial grade wheels, SuperBase Pro provides unparalleled ease of travel even on challenging terrains.

PVMax patented technology unlocks SuperBase Pro’s superfast charging potential to support up to 1,800W solar input, or up to 80% charge in an hour, the same speed as its AC input.

2,096Wh High Capacity with 2,000W Output

    With the large capacity and high output, SuperBase Pro 2000 can keep high-power equipment indoors or outdoors running.

Grounding Termninal & indicator

XT60 Input

AC Input



LED Light, RGB

AC Output x6A

Car Output


13.6V / 10A 136W

USB-C Output x4

USB-C 1: 5-20V 100W (one port 100w,not total,not sharing)

USB-C 2: 5-20V 100W (one port 100w,not total,not sharing)

USB-C3/C4: 5-12V 20W total (C3+C4 total 20w, sharing 20w)

DC Output x3

13.6 V/10A 136W

More USB Ports to Charge More Devices

Amp Up Your Power

AmpUp* Can Power Devices Up to 3,000W.*The companion app is required to enable AmpUp mode. Device compatibility may vary.

Anywhere, Anytime


Backyard Getaway

Digital Nomads

Home Backup Power


Workshop Craft space

Intelligent, Intuitive, Evolving

SuperBase Pro uses an app to control everything remotely. Never lose your product with built-in 4G IoT location tracking that covers 120 countries.

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